Research & Visualization

Research and Visualization is a project by ThinkBiz, student entrepreneurship club in Athens, Greece. The project involves entrepreneurship-related academic research on several aspects that define and affect the Greek startup ecosystem, as well as techniques and tools related to visualizing the final outputs and making them more engaging and attractive to the audience.

On one hand, the project concentrates on the method and processes required for running a solid, structured research that lead to legitimate results. On the other hand, it aims to the targeted visualization of these results by the most modern ways, such as infographics, minisites or videos. Through Research and Visualization we redefine the entire research process, trying to make it more understandable for the academic community, while still keeping its value at the highest level.

Update (02.07.2014): After a year of hard work, RnV launch a mini-website with its research’s results: