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Greek Startups: Understanding the factors that shape performance.

Greek Startups: Understanding the factors that shape performance. Project: Research and Visualization 2013, Thinkbiz. This study examines the factors that shape the performance of Greek startup companies. As Greek startups, we consider companies which sustain staff and operations in Greece, were established in 2009 or later, have a scalable business model and are characterized by high growth potentials. We developed an online questionnaire that measures various factors, such us business plan, resources, founding team’s background and experience, innovation, external environment and company’s performance. Performance was measured with the total sales and the entire lifetime earnings of the associated companies. We consider as high peroforming startups, the companies which score high in both sales and earnings and low performing startups, the companies which score low in both sales and earnings. The survey took place from January 2013 to December 2013. We recorded 46 responses. The analysis concluded on the following results:

Research and Visualization is a project by ThinkBiz, student entrepreneurship club in Athens, Greece. The project involves entrepreneurship-related academic research on several aspects that define and affect the Greek startup ecosystem, as well as techniques and tools related to visualizing the final outputs and making them more engaging and attractive to the audience. On one hand, the project concentrates on the method and processes required for running a solid, structured research that leads to legitimate results. On the other hand, it seeks to present its results in a more comprehensible and appealing way to the general public, using modern means of visualization, such as infographics, interactive minisites or videos. Research team: Stavros Manos (Leader), Vasiliki Bouzoula, Fani Dimitriadi, Lina Ioannou, Christina Latroni, Nikolaos Pappas, Victor Vrachamis. Special thanks to Giorgos Papagiannakis, PhD ( senior researcher at AUEB ) & Katerina Fraidaki, PhD ( researcher at Eltrun ).

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